A lady in red is bold, confident, and iconic.

A klutz in tangerine is much more my style.

Seriously though, I wear a lot of orange, including my everyday glasses.

orangelikejazz square 500

I’m flawed, I’m not always funny, but when you get me going, I’ll talk semi-nonsensical circles around you until I get bored. I sound a lot like Sherlock Holmes when I put it that way…but with more social skills.

I’ve lived a life worth of a soap opera, and if you ask me, I’ll tell you as much of the story as you can bear.

I’m a writer, editor, knitter, gamer, reader, sister, daughter, wife, friend, coworker, and Christian.

But at the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about Jesus.

I hope you leave this blog feeling a little less sad than when you arrived, and a little more hopeful.

In my spare time, I also blog about food and plan weddings.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Pinterest, and by email.


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