Forgot Password, Remember Memories

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged. You know how I know this? I forgot my password.

I’ve forgotten a lot of other things lately, a side effect of an eight-year-past concussion, but there are some things I don’t forget. Some memories that warm me from the inside every time I think of them and keep me going when I think my voice is too soft in a world of hate and judgement.

Memories like when one of my close friends told me that medication would make me a better version of myself when I was so scared to consider the idea. She was right, and a year after started medication, I am a much healthier (but not cured) version of who I wanted to be all along.

This little pill keeps me going daily. Click for source.

Memories like lunch yesterday with a new friend expressing how great it was to talk with someone else about our invisible illnesses – different though they are, we have a lot in common.

It’s so much more than what you see on my face. Click for source.

Memories like women I’ve seen only a few times come up to me and thank me for sharing my struggles with depression, PTSD, anxiety because it wasn’t kosher to talk about when they went through it or are going through it right now in their lives or in their family member’s life or in their friend’s life. They took strength from my testimony, from my voice shouting that I have been broken by something that doesn’t have a face and I live to tell about fighting it.

This is me on a good day. I struggle with my mental illnesses, but they have not won yet.

Memories like the #BraveChat on Twitter two weeks ago where we spoke truth and praised each other for words. People connected over the internet in a small, helpful corner of the world where we felt safe to express what was going on in our heads, bodies, families, workplaces, therapist chairs, and worlds.

Do you want memories like this? It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Reach out – dm me, call a friend, write a journal entry – and don’t forget that you are worth so much more than your invisible disease.

Join others like us tonight in a Twitter chat about mental health from 9-10PM EST by following @ThisIsMyBrave or searching #BraveChat. Tonight’s topic is “Why selling mental patient costumes & mental hospital themes for is not ok” with picture of what mental health looks like.