Oh, Brother! (An Ode to Siblings)

I often read or hear a great deal of Christian women talk about this fantastic bond between them and their sister(s). I can rarely identify with those feelings. See, I grew up with two brothers – both younger, and both very different from me and each other.


Imagine my panic when I moved an hour away from home to live with 17 other girls in a single suite plus a roommate. (Kudos to Meagan for putting up with me for so long. It’s totally true that we’re closer now than we ever were then.)

But more than anything, I missed these goofballs.


(Okay, maybe we’re not that different after all.)

And then I got married. These two kids were champs and the best ushers I could ask for. And (BONUS) they got another brother out of the deal AND I got 2 more brother-in-laws too.

But there’s something about blood and being raised in the same house with the same pets and dinners and family vacations. That’s a bond that we’ll never be able to quantify.


Handsome, isn’t he?


Today is the older-younger brother’s birthday and I miss him terribly.


All this to say…I miss you a lot. Happy 19th year, B.J.! See you soon.