April Showers bring May Flowers [#1000Joys 110-166]

I have a lot to be thankful for the past few weeks. It’s been a rough rollercoaster but I think it’s about to hit a gentle uphill climb to a fun summer and some really big events (weddings and graduations and vacation, oh my).

Here are a few of things I’ve celebrated in small (or big) ways the past few weeks.

You can view the whole list of my journey to tweet #1000joys or read how it all began.

111: Morning texts

112: Comforting hugs to ease away the stress

113: A small group full of love & understanding

114: A full fridge

115: Bagel sandwiches

116: Team building at work

117: Productive meetings

118: Feeling confident at work that I know my job well

119: Locksmiths

120: Celebrating engagements

121: Turkish tea

122: Long walks talking about love stories

123: Forgiveness among friends

124: Phone calls back home

125: Coffee-flavored smoothies

126: Brightening someone’s day by resolving a sticky issue

127: Fresh salads

128: Yummy leftovers and easy meals

129: The last crumbs of chips and seasonings at the bottom of the bag

130: Playing games long-distance with friends

131: Radio stories that are meaningful if painful

132: Long hugs that ease grief

133: Knowing that even when my belief wavers and my strength fails, God hasn’t given up on me and his plan for my life on earth

134: Auto-correct

135: A hard lemonade to finish off a hard day’s work

136: The delicious smell of homemade food

137: A juicy burger

138: Enough rabbit trails during small group to tempt Elmer Fudd

139: The earnest prayer of believers for each other’s concerns & those around us

140: Surviving another day at the office

141: Smartphone bible apps

142: That moment of value & validation when I’m feeling overworked

143: Beating that one level in the game

144: Eating a quarter of a loaf of bread and feeling full of goodness

145: Two functioning, healed hands

146: A stocked pantry

147: Crockpot meals

148: Summer hours at work

149: Free gift cards

150: That there is such a thing as a free lunch

151: A dishwasher

152: The death of long-distance phone call limits

153: Online bill paying

154: A closet full of clothes

155: Beautiful friendships

156: The community for the few months I was involved & met such wonderful and strong women of God

157: A stormy sky and gorgeous sunset

158: Laughing in the car on a roadtrip

159: Blues and politics and spaceships with the brothers

160: Open door policies

161: Friday night cocktails

162: Air conditioning

163: Cozy sweatshirts from youth group retreats long gone

164: Mango vodka martinis with raspberries while watching The Great Gatsby with my darling

165: Frozen pizza & off-brand cola

166: Trusting God as the rain pours down because the storm was beautiful before, during, and after

rain and clouds // orangelikejazz.wordpress.com


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