#1000Joys Part IV: 79-88

other-wordly // tumblr

Inspired by One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I’m tweeting my way through #1000joys in 2014.

It’s a much shorter list this time around. Just 9 joys I’ve jotted down in more days than that.

And it’s okay.

It’s not that I’m not thankful – but I’m tired and worn out. I can feel it in my hair and my teeth and my feet. Life is draining me little by little – here are the bits of shining light I’ve glimpsed over the last few weeks.

79 Good hair days

80 Roll-the-windows-down weather in March

81 An imagination that can dream and read of far-off lands

82 Books!

83 The halting, beautiful sounds of chords, hums, and strums as a new song is composed by my husband

84 Dreams and imagination

85 Wednesdays that have a little more sleep

86 Nightly rituals of aliens & good guys

87 A roof & walls that are perfectly cozy

88 Tears of joy and sadness and longing held back by a simple wish for a time gone by and a friendship forged short and strong

Read how it all began, see the rest of the list, or follow along on TwitterOne Thousand TweetsPart I, Part II, Part III.


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