101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Faith

Apathy // Demotivator, Inc.

Dry spells.


Spiritual deserts.

There are times in all our lives where we feel like God isn’t really around. Usually it’s because we’re too busy, too stressed, too depressed, or too blind to see.

How did we get here?

And more important, how do we reconnect with God our Father when it seems like we’re all alone?

Here are 101 ways to jump-start your faith or combat spiritual apathy in your life and for others around you. There are 10 categories, but please do not try to do them all – and don’t get burned out. This is a list of joys and rejuvenation, not a checklist.


1. Read a Psalm
2. Listen to a sermon
3. Subscribe and listen to a Christian podcast
4. Check out a commentary on a biblical book from your library and read it
5. Read a blog post about struggle and faith
6. Ask a mentor or Christian friend for a recommendation
7. Research a topic you are not theologically knowledgeable about
8. Sign up for a topical Bible devotional
9. Read a biography of a missionary or church leader
10. Look up and read your church’s doctrinal statement

11. Try a one-day fast from the top reason you don’t spend time with God
12. List the blessings in your life right now
13. Remember a difficult time in your life and what helped you cope the most
14. Use your life story to write a poem
15. Re-read a journal entry from a past journal
16. Write down a list of your top three excuses for not spending time with God
17. Read a short book of the Bible in one sitting
18. Write out your testimony of how God has changed your life
19. List 100 small glimpses of joy or large acts of wonder
20. Begin a sermon notebook
21. Go for a walk in nature and observe that everything is made by God
22. Contemplate undeserved grace and unlimited forgiveness

23. Pray for the desire to know God more deeply
24. Bring your current concerns to God
25. Pray for wisdom, understanding, faith, or all of the above
26. Ask a friend for their biggest prayer requests
27. Begin a prayer journal to write down pray requests for you and others
28. Pray for the politicians in your city and state regardless of their policies
29. Read a Psalm that speaks to your situation and pray it out loud to God as though you wrote it
30. Pray for an upcoming mission trip and the members
31. Ask God to bless each meal before you begin eating

32. Petition God for healing in someone’s life
33. Ask for direction in your life
34. Pray for guidance and strength
35. Recognize what you are uncertain about and petition for a resolution with any outcome
36. Look up and pray for a country where Christians are persecuted
37. Pray for a family member who is unsaved
38. End each prayer request with “…or do something better”
39. Find a silent place and pray for what you need in that moment
40. Pray for a friend who is struggling
41. Think of your worst enemy and pray for God to change their lives for the better

42. Close your eyes and pray the words of a song
43. Listen to an instrumental version of a worship song
44. Hum an old hymn
45. Belt out all the words you can remember to your favorite worship song
46. Play a worship song
47. Be silent in corporate worship and let the words of the song resonate in your heart
48. Write a letter of praise to God
49. Burn a CD or create a playlist of worship songs for your car
50. Look up a local Christian radio station
51. Write a song
52. Learn basic sign language to worship songs

53. Call a friend or family member to ask for and give encouragement
54. Find a local church
55. Reach out to a pastor or elder for prayer
56. Research a Christian therapist or counselor for help with daily life and faith
57. Join a Bible study or small group
58. Have coffee with a mentor
59. Ask friends or family to pray for you and your faith journey
60. Invite an older couple or person you respect to have dinner with you
61. Find an accountability partner
62. Host an informal potluck for church friends with a focus on intentionally building friendships

63. Pray for God to come into and radically change your life
64. Apologize to someone that has wronged you whether they realize it or not
65. Let go of anger and resentment
66. Write down recent sins and cross them out with a marker as you confess each and are forgiven
67. Confess times when you have sinned by omission or inaction
68. Speak your biggest struggles out loud
69. Forgive yourself for sins that God has already forgiven
70. Pray for forgiveness
71. Admit to someone else that you have wronged them even if it was not intentional

72. Buy a gift card and keep it in your car for the next homeless person you see on a corner
73. Get involved in a church ministry
74. Take a cart back to the store for a senior citizen or a mom with children
75. Volunteer for an upcoming ministry event
76. Gather your spare change in a jar for missions
77. Cook a meal for a family or friend in need and listen to their story as you eat
78. Tithe 10% of your monthly income to your local church
79. Begin setting an additional part of your income to world missions and evangelism
80. Offer to babysit for a couple who can’t afford to hire a babysitter

81. Reach out to an old friend you have lost contact with
82. Volunteer with a non-religious organization to meet unbelievers
83. Write an old-fashioned letter to a family member
84. Be willing to admit if you need to be mentored while you mentor others
85. List all the lessons you feel God has recently taught or is teaching you
86. Pray for clarity and insight when an opportunity arises for a spiritual conversation
87. Text someone to say you are praying for them
88. Befriend a coworker
89. Ask a friend to go out for coffee to catch up to open the door to spiritual dialogue
90. Write an encouraging note to someone who is an inspiration to you
91. Pray for God to show you who around you needs prayer

Does the word meditation scare you? Read this for more about what I mean.
92. Sit in silence and focus on God’s omnipotent presence
93. Re-read a favorite verse and memorize it
94. Write out a verse using mixed media and hang it somewhere in your house
95. Repeat the same phrase over and over again for several minutes together
96. Set alarms on your phone with Bible verses to encourage you throughout the day
97. Write out a prayer
98. Research a word (such as “faith”) in the original Biblical language and let its full meaning sink in to your soul
99. Write a verse on your bathroom mirror with soap or erasable marker
100. Recite a rosary or other repetitive-based prayer for inner contemplation
101. Brainstorm your own list of ideas for combating spiritual apathy

Many of these topics were inspired by John Ortberg’s The Life You’ve Always Wanted and many other bible studies, mentors, books, and resources that I have encountered. Please feel free to add your own and share the list with someone you know.


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