#1000Joys Part III: 63-78

#1000Joys // orangelikejazz.wordpress.com

It’s that time of the week again for a reflection on praise and joy – another week and another list of thankfulness.*

You can see the first two parts of the list here: One Thousand Tweets and #1000Joys Update.

63: An amazing mom with grace, a scour pad, and mean cooking skills

64: A humble and quiet brother with a heart for others

65: Booze

66: Laughing over inside jokes, outside jokes, and misheard jokes

67: The morning hours when the house is quiet and the rain is loud

68: The soothing bliss of cool cream on a hot burn

69: Losing track of the days and wishing the challenge would go on forever

70: Morning lag as my body protests another early rise to work and to pay the bills with a peaceful heart

71: The scurry of a mouse

72: Modern medicine

73: Flexible coworkers

74: The ability for bodies to heal themselves

75: Knowing you’ve helped someone else

76: A power outage that makes you stop and rest from a busy schedule

77: The lovely smell of breakfast cooking

78: A fresh cup of joe

Jump in on Twitter, Facebook, or just by making your own list of 1000 joyful moments of thankfulness in everyday life.

*My hashtag #1000Joys is inspired by Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts book.


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