#1000Joys, Update

Life has been a little crazy the last few weeks, but here’s my updated list of #1000joys since my first post:

22: Hot tea with a sore throat

23: Sleeping in on weekends

24: Friends who stick around for late night talks on literature & life

25: Reconnecting with friend-s over a story that evokes emotion and pain and peace and joy

26: Spiritual gifts

27: Doors opening for new work

28: Pouring rain to wash away the ice and snow

29: A bride’s smile during rehearsal

30: A bright wedding day in February

31: Finding what is lost & naming what is unknown

32: Cooking in my own kitchen

33: Cute shoes.

34: New network connections

35: An inspiring word from a stranger

36: Feeling valued & valuable at my job

37: Curly and cute hair days

38: System restores

39: Bad news that doesn’t spoil the whole day

40: Meeting people & your reputation precedes you

41: Impulse foods

42: Discovering that Saturdays will not be full of work

43: Wine & food & conversation

44: Hearing other people’s journeys of faith

45: TGIF

46: Community and faith intermingling with food and friends

48: Jeans Friday at work

49: Warm homemade bread & butter

50: Sweet & acid tang of coffee in the morning

51: Diving into the Hebrew of a Psalm in blissful silence

52: Community

53: Brainstorming English essays and talking about composers with Ben

54: Following a random hashtag just because.

55: Free stuff

56: Early morning birds with their own sweet songs

57: The dull ache for friends who were near & are now far

58: A clean-ish house

59: A close hospital with good doctors & nurses

60: Prescription drugs & health insurance

61: Sick days at work

62: A loving community

Join me in exploring thankfulness and everyday joys by tweeting with the hashtag #1000joys this week!


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