#1000Joys, Week 1

As mentioned in my post One Thousand Tweets, I’m tweeting the little joys in life as a way to express my thankfulness to God and to others.

Below is my current list from the first week of #1000joys:

1: Praying for each other over social media.

2: Making new friends in far-off places

3: Eating food with friends

4: Shopping for shoes.

5: Love.

6: Kale and chicken salads.

7: Out-of-the-blue roadtrip plans.

8: Capacity for compassion.

9: God’s solace.

10: Frozen pizza

11: Flannel pants

12: Long talks on the phone

13: Crossing that last bill off the to-do list

14: A good book.

15: A robin nesting in snow drifts

16: A peptalk from my director

17: Friendly customers who let me help them

18: Going home early

19: #biceptyme

20: Mullet talks over breakfast

21: Snow on the Ohio hills with glaring sun & good times

Join me in exploring thankfulness and everyday joys by tweeting with the hashtag #1000joys this week!


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