Why V-Day is and isn’t a big deal for us

Six years ago today, a cute kid with a fohawk and a goofy grin said three words to me.

“I love you.”

No, you’re not miscounting – this was not on Valentine’s Day. It was on February 13th.

It’s been six years since that day and a lot has happened. For one, we didn’t start “dating” until several months later.

And all of this brings me to this infamous holiday in the dead of winter hyped up to get us feeling warm and cozy when it’s still subzero outside.

If you could hear the story of how awkward that moment was, and how beautiful our lives have been since then, you’d think that I’d be jumping for joy that Valentine’s Day is here.

But honestly…

I could do without.

It’s over-hyped, oversold, under-appreciated, and certainly unnecessary in many cases.

But it’s also just another day of the year.

It’s another day…

To say I love you to someone you haven’t lately.

To reconnect with an old friend.

To hug your family because they won’t always be here.

To listen to your grandparents tell you a story.

To make a new friend.

To pass on the love.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday made by corporations into the hulking, guilt-tripping, love-struck entity that stores want you to believe it should be.

They even take an old story of a saint and turn it into more dollars for them.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of what the day (or weekend) meant to me in the past, my life is made up of a hundred moments I could say the same thing.

So before you get drawn into the Valentine’s Day hoopla, take a moment to tell someone one of these, or come up with your own.

I love you.

Call me.

Tell me more.

Slow down.

Hi, you’re new.

Share your love, don’t hoard it for one day and one day only. Whether you’re single, married, with a partner or without, a child or a grandparent, we all need to remember that life is short.

Give a hug, not a bag of chocolate.

Write a note, not buy a card.

Use your phone, and not for texting.

Listen, don’t judge.

Tell me what you plan on doing for Valentine’s Day. Who will you talk to? What do you have planned? How will you use this day and every day to spread the love?


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