Fasting from Netflix

Overcome The Lie is starting a 40 Day Challenge today, and at first I missed the part about combining the 40 days of prayer with a fast.

Overcome The Lie: 40 Day Challenge: God as Father

I’m really not good at food fasts for a variety of reasons, but I have other idols in my life that are just as big as daily bread. I get addicted to shows in phases, and this is my current obsession:


Yes, I’m addicted to Supernatural, but there is a lot more in the next 40 days that I’m giving up too: the season finale of Sherlock, the Superbowl, and all my favorite awards shows.

I think this will end up being the part I struggle in most, but also grow in the most.

Instead of coming home and watching 3-4 episodes of a show, I’m going to spend at least an hour in prayer and reading the Bible in addition to my daily devotional and filling the rest of the time with caring for my house and family, reading other books, and writing blog posts or fiction.

A Netflix for Books?

This is difficult for me. One of my passions is critiquing new media and TV shows and movies are a huge part of that passion.

At the same time, I know I need this media fast. There is more to my life and my passions than just media, and I need to refocus.

I am a strong believer that we cannot expect our family, friends, and especially children to believe in the God of the universe if we do not know what we believe. Biblical illiteracy is one of the problems standing in the way of this knowledge.

by Olaf Hajek

We need to read. We need to know. We need to delve into this love letter written for us and to us.

For the moment, I am going to focus on the Psalms and how we can understand them in their literal and literary senses, as some of my beta readers already know.

What is one thing in your life keeping you from knowing God deeper? How can you re-prioritize your life to read Scripture more? Please share your thoughts below so that we can support each other!


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